22 March 2012

I know you from *somewhere*...

An encounter with social grace is always a good moment for me. Today, I ran into a department head when I was going out to lunch. I'd previously met him when I'd been visiting as an industry partner rather than my current persona of a slightly disoriented first semester grad student. I said a “hello” and slowed down past his table, and he stopped me, “I know I recognize you, but I can't remember where from.” After a quick refresh, he was very interested in how I was doing here. As one of those people who is great with faces and shamefully poor at remembering names (the faces are so effortless and the names such a struggle...what makes this happen?), I've often used a similar line to re-engage with people and wondered how it felt to be on the other side. I certainly preferred it to the minimal acknowledgement I was expecting, and it was nice to know he recognized me.

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