24 June 2012

Quantum Kitchen

I want my kitchen to exist in a quantum state. When I come home and observe it, it would collapse into a state with prepared dinner. The closest I have come to this is cooking a couple times a week and packing leftovers. There are several standbys that I can 'excite,' depending on my energy level.

From lowest to highest energy level:
0. Microwave popcorn. Open a beer. Sometimes I deny this state exists.

1. Microwave frozen wantons and veggies (mixed veggies are my favorite for this)

2. Boil frozen wantons and veggies

My rice cooker enables the next several quantizations of food effort. These all require you to cook rice. (If you don't have a rice cooker, use a 2:1 ratio of water to rice. Cover it, don't let it boil over, and don't stir. When there is a honeycomb pattern in the rice, it's probably done, but do a test bite to be sure. You can get a lot more involved with it, too.)

3. Courtesy of one of my couchsurfing hosts in Japan: add frozen veggies to the rice while you're cooking it. If your rice cooker permits, you can steam them over the rice.

4. Microwave one of these Indian dinners. Pour it over the rice when it's done. I've tried a couple other kinds, but Patel's is my favorite.

Recommendations for others? Please share!

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