28 July 2012

Hanging out with the Higgs

When a world megaproject creates one of the most expensive scientific instruments of all time, a lot of attention seems an understandable result. The CERN quest for the Higgs boson has certainly garnered a lot of attention, and not just in the scientific community.

Commentary has come from many sources (my favorite being The Onion explanation of the LHC or the "$50 Billion Science Thing"). Even Dilbert got on board:
Dilbert finds the Higgs Boson

The Higgs-bleed through into culture has shown up in fiction, satire and television

Alpinekat made a rap explaining the fundamentals of the epic scientific endeavor several years ago, which I love sharing. 

Most recently, someone sent me a video of the sonification (translating measured data into sounds) of the Higgs-Boson. For more explanation, including the sheet music, check out the article Higgs the musical.

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