17 October 2014

I don't believe in violence against computers...

Me: Comsol, why won't you simulate?
Comsol: You made a geometry error.
Me: No, I fixed all of those. We already went through the geometry.
Comsol: Well, you didn't assign a material to Domains 4 and 5.
Me: There are *no* Domains 4 and 5.
Comsol: Yes, there are! And you didn't assign them a material. How do you expect me to do my job when you don't assign a material to every domain?
Me: I really don't think there is a Domain 4, or 5. Can you show them to me?
Comsol: No! You should *know* where they are!
Me: I'm sorry, I just don't know where they are, or how you're finding them.
Comsol: Oh, so it's my problem? You don't like my simulations? Maybe I'll freeze up on you and let you take some time to think about how lucky you are to even have me. Most people would be really grateful for such expensive software.
Me: Maybe I'll just run this in FDTD and figure out the photonics. I can come back later for the electrical.
Comsol: I don't want you looking at other modeling software! I have all the physics you should ever need!

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