18 May 2012

It works with my laptop...

I sit nearest the printer in my office. As with all community resources, some members of the group are far more diligent in upkeep than others. Some members just keep sending copies to the printer when it's out of ink or paper, as if the new electrons will carry a desperate plea and the printer will have mercy on them. More often, someone else will just replace whatever is missing, and the behavior is unintentionally reinforced.

This morning however, my adviser needed to print something and a "fatal error" which I'd never had to fix before was displayed. After the standard fiddles, he went for the failsafe - turn it off and back on. Apparently, it didn't turn all the way off - the job he sent was still saved and began to print shortly thereafter. As he walked out with his pages, he said, "I am an electrical engineering genius."

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